Sunday April 27

Mon, Apr 28, 2008


Friday we arrived in San Joe, California at Iglesia Evangelica Bautista with Pastor Ernesto Gomez located at 397 E. Empire St in San Jose, Ca. 95112. Phone number 408-390-4170. 

We came her for their Missions Conference- this is actually their very first Missions Conference that the church has had, even though the church is actually 70 years old, which is very exciting.

The Missions Conference started Friday night and lasts Friday night, Saturday and Sunday. The purpose of the Missions Conference is for the church members to make promises for next year of how much money they want to give toward the Mission to help support Missionaries on the Mission Field.  Of course we are very excited and glad to be a part of their Mission Conference.  there are actually  about 6 or 7 other Missionaries here with us. We were able to see slide presentations and videos from the other Missionairies and see their displays.  We met some Missionairies that that are going to Missionary the Jews in France.  We met some other Missionairies that have actually been serving in Columbia for the last 9 years doing great work down there.  We met some Missionairies from Mexico and cities of Mexico and of course here.

Friday night we heard two preachings from 2 different Missionairies.  Saturday morning we heard some preachings from another Missionary and then we went soul running.  It was real exciting to see, in our group of 4 people, that  we were able to see 4 people saved.  My husband was one and the person he went out with and the person i went out with.  We were all able to see someone saved, that was very exciting.  It seems as if the people are very receptive, in San Jose, to the gospel.

Saturday night my husband was able to preach and then another Pastor preached. We saw Pastor Luis Ramos here from San Mateo, California. He’s good friends of ours. He pastors near the Bay Area- that was very lucky to be able to see them again.  They are very supportive, we’re going to go see them in the next few weeks as well. 

Sunday morning we had some nice preaching, some really good preaching by Noe Ochoa, he is a Pastor from Las Somoras, Camalitas, a state in Mexico.  The people were very charming.  After that we had some good, authentic Mexican tacos for lunch, right there on the grounds that the ladies of the church prepared for us. All that was very exciting and tonight we are waiting to see what the people are going to be promising to give so that more Missionaries can go to the Mission Field and more people can hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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