Christian Child Training and Parenting Tips From A Mother of Seven!


Is the Book of Mormon from God…or the devil?

I recently shared a post from on my Facebook page and was immediately overwhelmed with the response. Some said I should only focus on sharing Jesus with those who do not know Him and not spend my time “putting down other people’s beliefs”. Others said that If I am a Christian then […]

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Sunday School Workshop

Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 7.05.46 PM

A few weeks ago I taught a workshop in our church in Puebla, Mexico on how to teach Sunday School!  I have put the powerpoint presentation here for you.  Most of what I cover is a very detailed how to for the actual class time.  It has been such a blessing to see […]

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Christian Colleges

Feeding her soul

The decision about where to send your child to college is about one of the most important decisions you can make.  After spending 18 years investing yourself into the life of another human being, it is time to let them go off and start to put into practice many of the things you […]

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Teenagers and Facebook


Teens and Facebook.  Should Independent Baptist teens be allowed to have a Facebook page?  Should they be on Social Media? How much should parents be concerned about a teens Facebook account?  Should parents be monitoring their teens Facebook account or is that an “invasion of privacy”? All valid questions!  Let me try to […]

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Are you making your child scared?

Child with teddy

One of my goals as a mom is to raise kids that have a passion for life and are not afraid to try new things! One of the ways I have tried to train my kids to not be scared is by simply avoiding using the word “scared”.  My philosophy is that if […]

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