Spiritual Leadership Conference in Lancaster, CA 2012

Thu, Jun 21, 2012


My husband and I attended the Leadership Conference in Lancaster, CA last week and was a lot of fun. Here is a video I made to encourage you to come next year.

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  1. Steven Mattero Says:

    Hi I’m a student at West Coast Baptist College, and I’m doing a report on the city of Puebla, Mexico. Can you email me and tell me how many Independent Baptist churches are in the city? Any other information you can provide would be greatly appreciated, but especially the number of Bible-preaching churches please. Thank you so much!
    Steve Mattero

  2. Nicole Says:

    Hi Steve! There are two IFB missionaries… us and the Aguiars. Our site is http://www.ReachingPuebla.com and theirs is http://www.ReachingMexico.com. There is also one other national pastor in the city of Puebla, Puebla. In the state of Puebla there are now 8 that we know about. That is a blessing as when we arrived in Puebla almost 13 years ago, there were only 2.

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