Moms teach your kids to take notes in church

Tue, Apr 29, 2008


Church1. Buy them a notebook and pen.

2. Teach them the parts of the bible: the Old Testament, the New Testament; there are 66 books; each book has a chapter and each chapter has verses.

3.  Teach them how to write bible verse references and how to look them up in the bible. Show them where the index is in the front and how they can find the page number of the books in the bible.

4.  Teach them to listen and write down the main points when the Pastor says 1, 2, and 3.  For ages 5-6 write down words on the notebook and have them write lines next to each word every time they hear it.  For example, you write the word God and every time the Pastor says God they are going to write a little line next to the word God.

5. Reward them for good note taking. Reward them with money, ice cream, maybe- they can earn points to buy a book or toy they really want.

6. Learning how to take notes will help them in school.  They will be years ahead of their other classmates in listening skills.

7. First, have your children copy your notes word for word. Of course you want to take less notes depending on their age but thats going to teach them good listening skills. Also its going to reinforce their writing skills and its going to help them be able to sit still in chuch.

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