June 22th

Fri, Sep 19, 2008


June 22th

June 22th

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  1. Rachel Kennedy Says:

    My name is Rachel Kennedy,
    I am posting here, because the link to send you an e-mail on ‘baptistmom’ doesn’t seem to work. I am sorry to bother you this way.
    I just came to Puebla for a few weeks of student teaching. I am looking for a church to attend during my stay, as I don’t want to go without Christian fellowship for too long, and wondered if you might be able to point me towards one. The only transportation I have is by foot, and am staying about two blocks from the American School of Puebla (where I am student teaching).
    I know that you are probably very busy, but any help or advice that you can give would be greatly appreciated. I don’t speak spanish at all, so feel a little lost right now. Thank you very much for your time.

    -Rachel Kennedy

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