Baptist Missionaries in Bogata, Columbia

Mon, Apr 28, 2008


If you are looking for some Missionaries to support – I can highly recommend the Murillo family. They have a church, they have been pastoring for 9 years in Bogata, Columbia.  The address for those located in Columbia is Carretera 13 # 13-37, Bosa La Vestensa.  The name of their church is Iglesia Bautista Fundamental, of course they are in Bogata, Columbia. Their phone number, there locally- 759-0718. If you’d like to reach them to schedule a meeting- you can also call the Igelsia Bautista Fundamental de Guadalajara and they can be reached at 011-52-33-825-1873.  Their pastor is Pastor Augustine Rosales.  They can also be reached from the United States at 951-676-9306. Their names are Gregorio Murillo, Adriana Murillo and their children are David, Ruth and Rebecca.  And they have been doing great work, they have built a church down there in Bogata and I think its really exciting that they are Mexican Missionaries sent out from Mexico, going to a country where the Mexicans are much more well received than Americans.

Alot of American Missionaries that go down to Columbia, they have to struggle with learning the the language, they have to struggle with cultural differences and there is also a lot of political problems between the United States.  They also have to worry about having their children kidnapped but because these people are from Mexico- Mexicans going down to Columbia, they don’t have to learn the language, they don’t have to worry about their children being kidnapped and they are able to mingle.  They are more accepted into the culture in Columbia alot more easily and its an exciting opportunity for some American Churches that would like to support the Missionaries in Columbia.

Another family that I can recommend is the Familia Sobredilla, they are Missionaries to France, actually.  They are also sent out from a church in Mexico and with Pastor Luis Ramos. They are a very nice family and if you are looking for some Missionaries to support, that would also be an option.

It’s exciting to see Mexican Missionaries going to other countries now as Missionaries starting churches and starting work.

If you would like to be apart of that think about contacting these families. To reach the Sobredilla family you can call 001-52-444-841-5387- that’s the phone number to the church in San Luis Poposi, the Pastor does speak English as does his wife.  So you can get hold of him and they will direct you on how to contact the Sobredilla family if you’d like to have them in your church. They are getting ready to go to France as Missionaries.

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