April 20th

Mon, Apr 21, 2008



Hi, this is Nicole, editor of Baptistmom.com. For the last seven years our family has been serving in Puebla, Mexico as Independent Fundamental Baptist Missionaries, for the next three months we have decided to take a small furlough in the United States visiting different churches, in different cities mostly in California and also in North Carolina and Tennessee areas. 

What is a furlough?  Furlough is a time for the Missionaries to take a break from the Mission Field and go back to the United States to visit their friends and their families. To visit churches that have been supporting them and also to try to visit new churches to raise some new support. so we are going to be taking a short furlough of 3 months.

We left on March 23, we drove from Puebla, Mexico to the border of Brownsville, Texas.  Then we went from Brownsville to San Antonio; from San Antonio to El Paso; from El Paso to Albuquerque; Albuquerque to Phoenix and a week ago Monday we arrived in Oceanside, CA area. We will be staying in California for about a month visiting churches in our local area as well as taking short trips.  Next week we should be going to the San Francisco area.

Today we were able to go visit two churches in the Los Angeles area.  The first church we visited this morning was a church in Duarte, CA.  It was called the Berean Bible Baptist Church.   It is located at 2302 S. Mountain Ave, Duarte, CA 91010.  The pastor at the church is named Pastor Richard A. Stokes.  We left our house this morning at 7:30am and arrived in the L.A. area at around 9:15a.  At 9:15a we stopped and pulled over while my husband called the church in Puebla and was able to speak to them during their morning church service and say hi to everybody .  Then we arrived at the church at 9:20a and my husband was able to preach during their English service and then he was able to preach at Spanish service as well.  We had a very good time, everyone was very friendly.  Afterward we had a very nice Mexican brunch there on the grounds, they have a nice banquet area for everybody.

Then in the evening we went to a different church in Highland Park in the L.A. area.  It was also a very friendly church and we were excited to be able to be there,


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