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Christian Colleges

25. September 2013


The decision about where to send your child to college is about one of the most important decisions you can make.  After spending 18 years investing yourself into the life of another human being, it is time to let them go off and start to put into practice many of the things you have taught […]

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Teenagers and Facebook

24. September 2013


Teens and Facebook.  Should Independent Baptist teens be allowed to have a Facebook page?  Should they be on Social Media? How much should parents be concerned about a teens Facebook account?  Should parents be monitoring their teens Facebook account or is that an “invasion of privacy”? All valid questions!  Let me try to address some […]

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How to teach your 13 year old to not date older boys!

22. March 2012


Teaching a boy crazy 13 year old to stay away from older boys is hard…. and I am not speaking from personal experience… my oldest girl is still only nine… but in my experience as a pastor’s wife!  One way to try to break through to a pre-teen is to explain to them that the […]

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How to break down the wall of silence between you and your teenager.

31. August 2010

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Three steps to take to get your teenager to start talking to you again.
Step One. Admit your mistakes and shortcomings to your child.
Step Two. Talk to them.
Step Three. Stand your ground.

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The secret tip to make sure your teenager talks to you about anything! (Advice for parents of young children.)

31. August 2010


Learn what you need to do as parents of small children to make sure your children don’t grow up to be moody, silent, teenagers.

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